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Castle Hustle Symbols: Learn To Get An Unlimited Number Of Diamonds
Hustle Castle is a fun online game that you can enjoy on iOS and Android devices. In this game, you have to spend time building your castle, training monsters, fighting enemy monsters and saving the princess – so get ready for a fun hobby!

A premium currency is a diamond that can be bought by spending real money. If you want to win a limited number of diamonds in the game, you can unlock the boxes and buy them or just use Hustle Castle Tricks. Achieving many accomplishments or tasks will also bring you diamonds. However, if you want to immediately win large quantities of diamonds, use Hustle Castle’s tip.

Countless weapons are available in the game and the weapons you use will be of great importance on the battlefield. For each type of character, you must use different weapons, which depend on different aspects. As you progress, you will encounter powerful legendary weapons. Buying them is not easy at the beginning of the game. You have to occupy a place of choice in the Arena Ticket Championship and win an extra box. When you open Bonus Chest, you win the legendary weapon. The ray of death, the Mad Fire necklace, a supreme costume, a sovereign mass, etc. are examples of legendary weapons.

Choose the star with the longest character on your team and place it in the living room. Her job is to mate with several women a day.
Start by sending women one to one in the living room, starting with the most qualified ones. Your goal should be to continue producing children until the residential spaces are occupied.
Once the resident spaces are filled, the selection process should begin. Divide the population according to their stars. Eliminate all residents without three stars. Then take all the men out of the castle so that only women can be sent to the living room.
By following the tips above, you will notice that the number of 5-star characters on your team is constantly increasing.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive 2500 gold coins, the main motto. The first piece you need to build is a training room for fighters, spending 1,000 gold. Remember, you can skip the creative stopwatch to create an instant room and not wait ten minutes. The next building to build is the dining room, the treasure and the gold expenses.

Since you have already completed the amount of gold in your account, you must focus on training your heroes so they can fight the battlefield and earn gold for you. Fighting enemies is one of the fastest ways to earn gold. At the beginning of the battle, it is extremely easy to win and you can quickly win 400 to 500 gold coins. Golden won can be used to train and improve your heroes. If you missing any of the gold, simply use Hustle Castle Hack and you can get as much as you want.

If you have collected a good amount of gold, you should spend it to upgrade your throne to level 3. For this upgrade, you will need 10,000 gold. This will allow you to unlock more heroes, so you can easily fight, and many more rooms can be built to increase your resources. The animated pieces you are currently opening are the living room and the hospital. New rooms will be added to your castle and will make you grow quickly in the game. As mentioned earlier, the salon will be helpful for mating, while the hospital will be helpful in restoring the health of your heroes. The easiest way to get gold is to use the tips of Hastell Castle.

When you regularly fight enemies, you win chests as a reward. The boxes are full of different items that you can buy by opening them. Some items you get in the chest are powerful weapons, powerful armor, etc. You must immediately equip your heroes with powerful weapons to better fight on the battlefield. The old material used by the heroes can be used by workers who do not fight. These weapons can ensure the safety of the workers at the time of the raid at the castle.

Secondary tasks:
There are many side quests that you can accomplish to receive rewards. Countless intrusions will make your home in the previous levels. As long as you have free time, you can go back to the previous level to kill these monsters. Overcoming invasions will give you extra bonuses.

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